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1. Supports startups to search for and validate a desirable, feasible, and viable business by running fast and low-cost experiments that test business model hypotheses.

2. Is based upon the Lean Launchpad accelerator created by Steve Blank and now used by many organisations around the world, including by law within parts of the US government. 

3. Is open to ALL applicants, i.e. there is no cohort of limit on who can participate (beyond the resources available to serve participants adequately), as we believe it’s not possible to pick successful startups early on. 

4. Is available everywhere online, i.e. it is not limited to people in specific geographic locations such as major cities, it’s available 24×7 and enables global collaboration amongst startups and investors.

5. Is ongoing, i.e. doesn’t have have a start or finish date or set duration,  individuals and team can join whenever they want and stay as long as they want (within the full duration of the accelerator). 

6. Is flexible, i.e. allows teams to start where appropriate and pivot if their hypotheses are invalidated since it uses the highly iterative Customer Development process. 

7. Enables micro-investments, when important early hypotheses have been validated, and investors can choose to fund more expensive experiments and business model validation. 



Figure – The Lean Explorers Club: A New Type of Startup Accelerator