Why Startups should join the Lean Explorers Club

So far you’ve just put your name on our mailing list.

To progress your startup you need to do two things:

  1. Become a (individual) member of Lean Explorers Club (and get your team to become members as well, if you have a team), and
  2. When ready create a startup membership, which all your team members will be able to use, and is where you work on your startup idea.

For startups, the Lean Explorers Club offers:

  1. Regular and on-going guidance and support to effectively and efficiently search for and validate a desirable, feasible, and viable business model,
  2. The ability for almost any startup to join (within resource limits) at any time appropriate for them and stay as long as appropriate for them,
  3. A highly-iterative and non-linear process with step-by-step guides and worksheets to follow in validating (or not) their business model, and
  4. Exposure to investors who may fund lean experiments, especially later and more expensive experiments, or invest in the growth and scaling of a validated business model.